Welcome to Jabari Designs!


We at Jabari take full responsibility for our decisions, actions as well as commitments. We strive to fulfill our promises. We celebrate success and embrace challenges.

Welcome to Jabari! Wpromise to help you find perfect Jabari watches and phone covers that resonate with your cultural values and beliefs. Established in 2020, Jabari seeks to assert African cultural identity and style in multicultural countries. Our wide selection of products conveys your belonging and cultural richness.

At Jabari, we understand that your culture is your heritage. For this reason, your cultural identity is extremely imperative in a multicultural society. Conveying your identity boosts your wellbeing, resilience as well as personal growth. It helps you find people that match your values and beliefs. Jabari is an excellent place to find watches that reconnect you with your African culture. By using Jabari products, you can rest assured that you won’t have to introduce yourself. We don’t just sell beautiful watches, we let your hand do the talking.

We put maximum attention to every tiny detail to provide watches and phone covers that inspire you to explore new opportunities and expand your dreams. Each of our products passes through rigorous quality tests before releasing it to our clients.

We pride ourselves for bringing a touch of originality to watchmaking through the richness of African culture and diversity. Our products fill the nostalgia for the country of birth and the culture of origin.

Contact us today and let your hands convey your cultural identity.

Why chose us?

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide premium quality, stylish and affordable watches and phone covers that convey our clients’ African culture in a multicultural country.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to gain global recognition as a leader in the provision of watches and phone covers that resonate convey the African cultural richness and belonging.

Core Values

At Jabari, our core values help us establish and enduring customer loyalty while realizing our strategic goals and objects. They govern our behavior and culture.

Customer Focus

As a black-owned company, we highly focus on solving issues Africans face in multicultural countries. Our number one priority is to ensure our clients feel proud of their culture and meet people who match their values. We insist on the highest quality in our effort to deliver 100% customer satisfaction.


We strive for nothing less than perfection. Our products are durable, stylish and authentic. We strive to be recognized as an industry leader for appreciating and conveying African culture and belonging in Europe and North America.


We seek to be honorable, dependable, credible and trustable. As such, we strive to remain transparent, impartial and honest in our day-to-day endeavors. Our processes, as well as people, adhere to the Highest Ethical Standards.